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Nampak merge Plysu and Blowmocan to form Nampak Plastics Europe


Nampak establishes an inplant operation at Oakthorpe, Enfield


Nampak established an inplant operation in Severnside, Gloucestershire


Nampak achieved a world first in introducing rHDPE to the dairy industry in its HDPE bottles


Nampak is the winner of World Star Sustainability Award


Nampak won the ‘High Commendation ’ Award at the BCE Environmental Leadership Awards

Nampak builds a new inplant operation in Pennybridge, Northern Ireland

Nampak held its first colleague celebration awards ceremony

Nampak was selected as the overall winner of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) People Management Awards 2010


Nampak acquired its EPS Foston business joining its multi-site operation


Nampak introduced lightweighting into the diary industry creating a paradigm shift in the market place.

Nampak won the Best Dairy Packaging Innovation Award

Nampak won the Year Award at the CIWM Environmental Excellence Awards


Nampak has trialled, tested and supplied the world’s first four-pint milk bottle containing 30% recycled material

Nampak won the Green product of the Year Award at the British Environmental Excellence Awards


Nampak’s lightweight bottle is being manufactured under licensing in Australia and New Zealand

Nampak excelled at The Sustainable City Awards, winning the overall Sir Peter Parker Award for sustainable business leadership and was also highly commended in the Responsible Waste Management category

Nampak wins silver in the Packaging Innovation category for its lightweight bottle at the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation


Nampak open an operation site in Stirling, Scotland.


Nampak open its first inplant operation in Ballitore, Ireland