Corporate social investment

A socially responsible business

Nampak Plastics Europe is committed to involving its employees and customers in initiatives that will add value to the communities in which it operates.

Our central social responsibility committee manages an annual budget to support national initiatives and our individual sites are empowered to develop their own community-based activities and initiatives.

Organisations eligible for allocation of funding include:

  • Charitable organisations or groups performing services nationally or within local communities on a non-profit basis
  • Educational institutions such as universities, technical colleges, and primary and secondary schools
  • Organisations operating to advance business and/or community life, and
  • Sporting bodies where support will assist in the development of programmes and facilities that will support community improvement initiatives.


Nampak’s people are educational ambassadors

Our employees work with local Education Business Partnerships and Young Enterprise to identify opportunities to support their local community, as well as working as STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) ambassadors for local schools.

Below are some examples of the support our employees have provided to local schools and colleges:

  • Reading partners and mock interviews — one-to-one reading support in the classroom and interview practice
  • Teacher and student visits — site visits for teachers in the areas of HR and STEM and students taking engineering, manufacturing and product design diplomas
  • Nampak Maths Challenge — a fun challenge for year eight students carried out over six 60-minute lessons at the end of the summer term

Ethical trading

Committed to ethical trading

Nampak Plastics Europe is committed to the continuous improvement of the ethical performance of our supply chain.