Customer Support

Design and technical expertise

Our expertise for your benefit

Nampak Plastics works with customers to understand their needs and offer a unique product design and development service.

Whether working independently to a written brief, or in partnership with a client or design agency, the Nampak design team will play an integral role in helping customers achieve the optimum solution for their packaging requirements.

Through the use of sophisticated computer aided design and manufacture software (CAD/CAM), modelling facilities and finite element analysis, Nampak is able to predict the strength and characteristics of new designs. As a result, pack shape, size and functionality can be thoroughly evaluated and optimised prior to prototype production.

Accreditations and certifications

Meeting the expectations of our customers

Our organisational goals are centred around supplying products that continually satisfy the reasonable expectations of our customers in all respects of food safety, legality, hygiene, quality, delivery, cost, performance, service and reliability.

Nampak Plastics' Europe commitment to quality is confirmed by the adoption of a quality management system that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001, as well as customer and legal requirements with the full involvement of top management.

All of our operations conform to the internationally recognised environmental management standard of ISO 14001. Our mission statement is to be at the forefront of introducing environmental initiatives and improvements in the plastics packaging industry. Our products are recyclable and may contain post-consumer recycled HDPE (rHDPE).

Nampak Plastics' commitment from senior management and the entire organisation makes it possible to achieve safety excellence and to conform to OHSAS 18001.

Food hygiene and testing

Maintaining the standards set by the BRC/IOP

Nampak Plastics’ sites involved in the manufacturing of packaging products have adopted the British Retail Consortium and Institute of Packaging (BRC/IOP) standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. All sites are consistent in their evaluation of the risk to product and processes to ensure the manufacture of food safe packaging in a hygienic environment. Each site meets the product safety and quality expectations of our customers.

Nampak Plastics' sites comply with all of the relevant food contact and packaging legislation.